Sunny Mondays with New CID Cosmetics

Friday, March 31, 2017

Need another makeup brand to add to your shopping basket? More colours and choices and a new selection of the dreamiest baked goods to lust after?? I don't think anybody needs them but that's not going to stop us wanting them is it...
Thankfully New CID Cosmetics keep it simple and with the amount of choices and different products out there today, it's good to find a makeup brand keeping it simple.
I spent the sunny Monday that we had this week being introduced to the world of New CID Cosmetics by brand ambassador James McKnight. I will admit, it's a brand that I had never used or known much about but as always, I was looking forward to trying the products out and seeing what they were all about!

How dreamy are these marbleised baked glow powders?!

I was lucky enough to get treated to a fuller face of makeup complete with smokey eye while blogger Leigh was treated to a more natural every day look which was both quick and simple. With the amount of brands, products and tools out there at the minute it's easy to see why many girls start getting ready for their night out at 3pm. James, armed with the best products from New CID Cosmetics was able to create my full face look, including explaining each step to the salon owners and makeup artists attending, in less than an hour.

New CID Cosmetics was created with the intention to create simple products in innovative packaging as they could see the world of makeup was becoming increasingly overwhelming, filled with products that aren't always wearable or applied easily. 

Thinking back to fashion week last week and my attempt to touch up my makeup between the fashion show and heading out that night, I wish I had have known about this brand. Maybe then instead of using a combination of the torch on my phone complete with a compact mirror I was carrying about in my purse to touch up my lips I could have just used the i - pout lipstick. With a built in mirror and light it makes application not only easier but it cuts down on the amount of products you need to carry about!

Many love to spend hours on makeup (myself included sometimes) but it's not always realistic, especially for those who are running after children or running from work to a night out. The New CID Cosmetics products are such a welcomed change in the sometimes confusing makeup market for those who don't always have the time to spend on their face.  

Myself, Brand Ambassador James and the gorgeous Leigh.

Some local stockists in NI include;

Angels - Belmont Road, Belfast.

The Cottage - Old Moy Road, Dungannon.

Linhol - Market Square, Lisburn.

Victoria's - Railway Street, Armagh.

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  1. Ooo I like all these colors. So pretty! The brushes look awesome too.

  2. I love the marble effect on those baked blushes! I bet they will look so multi dimentional and fun to use!

  3. Those brushes look awesome! Beautiful pics and I love the makeup!

  4. Your makeup is flawless!! Love these color blends and brushes! This makes me want to get more into makeup, so pretty!

  5. Wow, the brushes looks nice and of course all those shades too! Would love to try them all. -Anosa

  6. They all looked adorable! Swatches please :)

  7. Those marbled baked blushes look gorgeous. I want to try them all!


  8. I love those baked powders, they look amazing! Please do swatches so we can see the color on you.

  9. Great images. I love makeup because one can be as creative as their mind can go or very chic and natural.

  10. You look gorgeous! <3 Those brushes look really good, need to get my hands on some of them asap!


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