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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Originally I set out to source local occasion wear and put my best picks into the one post for wedding guest inspo for the wedding season that's upon us now. I found Marmalade on Instagram, had a look and thought it was the perfect place to include some outfits from but then I actually took a visit to the shop.....

And now this post has ended up solely dedicated to Marmalade and nowhere else. It would have been impossible not to after taking a visit because the vast majority of stuff isn't included on the website, defining the term 'well worth the visit'. I also couldn't think of a more appropriate time, graduations are looming (hopefully), we're full swing into wedding season and everything else that comes with a bit of sunshine.

We're all well used to having an event appear in our calendars and taking to ASOS to scroll through 47 pages of dresses and still not know what to get. Or doing the usual trip to Coast and having the dreaded fear of someone else wearing the same outfit as you.. and we all know how common that can be, especially with outfits from the likes of those shops.

I found Marmalade to be a whole different experience however, not only will you receive the attention and opinions we all want and need when it comes to picking an outfit for such an anticipated event but the girls will also take a note of where the dress is going to show up at. Eliminating the fear of having to play the game of 'who wore it best'.

I could write pages upon pages about the stuff that was in the shop, the colours, the styles, the prices (yes I was surprised at how well priced everything was!), the most helpful staff I have ever come across, the prints, the fascinators, how well everything could be matched up.. I could go on for days. Or, I could include as many pictures as I can, with a lot more available in store and regular deliveries coming in and let the stock speak for itself.

Marmalade literally define 'one stop occasion shop' offering So Sue Me, Ciara Daly and Bellamianta products as well as a selection of jewellery. Everything sorted in the one place for the big day is a winner in my books.

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