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Monday, May 29, 2017

Mary Lou's first came to my attention a few months back when I came across the Instagram page looking for local companies to love. That first day I  literally spent hours scrolling through the page amazed at the stuff and googling 'distance from Glenavy to Strabane' to try and work out how soon I could get there. Unfortunately, the drive was a lot more than I expected and I never managed to get into my ford and get there. What I did do however, was stalk the Instagram page day and night for the new stuff getting posted and resisting the urge to ask for pictures of every single thing in the shop...

Posting pictures of their statement necklaces I was counting down the days to pay day, I might not have been able to do the drive to the shop but I was sure as hell going to order something. Which couldn't be made easier, find something you love, send a message or comment and if someone hasn't got in there before you then BAM it's yours.

The day of pay finally came and days were spent stalking the Instagram feed for new things. If you spend an hour away from your phone you could have missed 14 new posts and everything could be sold. The trick is to stalk stalk stalk.

The post that caught my eye the most (apart from every single other thing on the page) was the one captioned "2 years ago I was selling jewellery at my kitchen table. Today I have my wee shop. Work my own hours and finally think I've found the balance. If you want something go for it." Not only do I admire the jewellery posted but I admire the determination of the shop to do well and to price well.

Having a niece and a nephew with little hands that love to grab majority of my necklaces have been grabbed, tugged and broke and has left me with a total of 0 big necklaces. So I treated myself to these two pieces and already can't wait to build the collection and someday get in my ford and see the shop and all its wonders.

Mary Lou's statement pieces are the perfect finishing touches to set off an outfit for all the upcoming weddings and summer fun. I wore mine to a recent wedding and of course there's snaps from the day of the piece which can be found on my Instagram.

[Necklace £2]

[Necklace £8.99]

Seriously, how amazing are those prices? As much as I love the jewellery in all the high street shops (New Look jewellery, you always sorted me out, much love) I've found myself wanting to support more local companies and I've found myself loving the pieces a lot more than anywhere else!

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