Outfits and Overdrafts

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My wardrobe and bank balance pretty much have four definitive moments;

- First job at 16 and pay day every Friday equalled me leaving school at lunch time every Friday and going shopping to spend 80% of my wages (keeping the other 20% for Parlour for the weekend).

- Getting an overdraft in University with 12 months to pay it back from when I graduated.

- Graduating and having to live with the addiction of buying myself clothes that I started at 16 with those Friday wages.

- Last but in no way least, leaving the bank last Friday, going to the bakery in an attempt to cheer myself up before finally getting home and eating my pancake through tears.

In my eleventh month still not a penny has been paid off my overdraft and my addiction to buying clothes is now worse than ever, not forgetting the added pressure of having a blog and attending blogging events. The joys.
For the past while I've been feeling the pressure of needing a new outfit to blog about and an outfit straight out of the shops to wear to the blogging events and it's this attitude that has caused the need for me to reign it in for the next few months.

With the recent NI Blogger Brunch at the Permit Room I stressed at the fact I had nothing to wear that had been bought in the last few weeks. Tears had to be wiped though and something had to come out of my wardrobe. The skirt I opted for has been to everything, from my nieces christening, to my Granda's 84th birthday and most recently, the NI Blogger Brunch. From going to rarely wearing the same thing twice to getting my wear out of things I think I've come a long way..
In my haze of ridiculous money spending days I often avoided eye contact with Primark and steered clear. It's looking like it's going to have to be my best friend for the next few months though, starting with the leather jacket I went for recently. For something ridiculous like £14 it has been worn with EVERYTHING so far and will continue to be.

So for me, gone are the day of buying things that can only be worn once and I'll be welcoming the challenge of buying things that wont break the bank and that can be worn from everything to Christenings, to Sunday Brunch and to fashion shows!

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