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Monday, July 17, 2017

I have something to admit. I do copious face masks, foot masks, skin treatments, moisturising, exfoliating bla bla bla you get the idea. But my hair? My hair hangs limp and most days it looks like my nephew has done it and sent me out the door. He's three.. It's not that this is the look I aspire to go for, in fact, far from it. My problem is I don't know how the hell to style and treat hair.
I see people finding their hair soul mate via hairdresser salons and sadly, I'm yet to find mine.

I will admit something else.. Salons aren't in the top ten things that excite me. I largely put this down to me visiting an admittedly dated salon (they still do perms. perms. are perms still a thing????) and leaving with a pretty basic cut and no real difference to my hair. I never truly understood the love that people could have for their salon but flip me, has my mind changed.

When I was invited down to Monet Hair in Belfasts 'style mile' that is the Lisburn Road I hoped this would be it. This would be the start of a new me. A me that leaves the salon swishing that mane behind me.

The salon

Owner Patrick Mone was ahead of the game before even joining it which screams to me that Monet Hair will remain at the lead of the game for colour and styling in Belfast. Not to mention those dreamy blow drys. As if going into Monet Hair and leaving with the best hair in Belfast isn't enough, you can also leave with the best face. Patrick has teamed up with not only several hair experts but Belfasts makeup expert Paddy McGurgan who has a Makeup Pro Store concession within the salon. Definition of a one stop beauty shop? I think so.

The Treatment

Do you ever expect someone to read your mind and give your hair the exact treatment it needs? Me too. But guess what.. that's impossible. The amazing Stephen, on his first day may I add, took the time to talk hair with me and find out exactly what it needs and what I wanted from it. In the words of Stephen "Consultation is key." Kerastase, the favourite of many experts, was the chosen product for my hair on that day and all I can say is, bring me back to that salon chair. It was the perfect combination of a comfortable experience with first class treatment.

But that's not where it ended for me. Stephen left me with the bounciest blow dry that made me want to stay out for days to show off my locks to the whole of Belfast.

And yes, before you wonder, I was embarrassed that my hair left the house like that..

Stephen has already made me want to keep returning forever. For my whole life I've listened to my granny going on about Clive. Clive the hairdresser who has been sorting out her hair problems (and probably listening to her life problems too) for the past 60 years and all I can say is I hope Stephen is still sorting my hair and its greys in years to come.

There is a million and one more things I want to say about Monet Hair and my experience but it's hard to fit it all into one post and express the experience that I had. For more info on Monet Hair check out their website or better still, give them a visit.

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