"It's like Netflix for purses"

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

"How does an unemployed girl with three roommates afford the patchwork denim Louis Vuitton?"

We've all seen it and we all know that line. Carries life is a shambles no thanks to Big and in comes Louise from St Louis with her designer rental over her arm.

Now we might not all be in New York looking for love but I for one am always looking for labels. I'm sure half of us aren't unemployed nor are we cramped in with three roommates but we still find ourselves unable to afford the labels or better still, don't want to part with the money for the bag to go perfect with one outfit and then lie in it's dust bag until the end of time. Not only do I think it's a crime to not let the bag see the light of day again but that case is now unavoidable thanks to iBagzy.

iBagzy includes a collection of both chic and quirky bags to die for which won't dent the bank account. I have a real 'treat yo self' mentality (much to the dismay of my bank) and have been watching my own bag collection grow over the last few years. Even still, it's difficult to find a bag that will match everything and this was the stress I was faced with in the run up to the recent Down Royal ladies day. In stepped iBagzy and I placed those bets on the day with Vivienne under my arm feeling very much like Louise from St Louis.

I know everyone is usually all for a New Look embellished clutch for a wedding but sometimes it doesn't cut it and you would rather walk in there swinging a YSL over your arm wanting everyone to know you've made it (nobody needs to know it's rental..)

iBagzy is the perfect solution for when you splash the cash for an outfit for the likes of a wedding, graduation or day at the races and forget to include the bag in the budget. The outfit is ready to go and all you need is a bag to finish off the look.

From my personal experience with iBagzy I couldn't recommend the service enough. Check out the site for yourself and the collection to die for here.

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