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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Outfit repeating - is it social suicide?

If you asked me my thoughts on outfit repeating a couple of years ago I probably would have kneeled over in horror and told you I thought it was one of the worst things a person could do. I'm not talking wearing the same thing two days in a row, I mean have someone see you wearing the same thing more than once. Literally imagine...

Four years ago it was formal time and mum made the suggestion that instead of forking out God knows how much for a dress that would be worn once then put to the back of the wardrobe that I should wear the bridesmaid dress I wore to my sisters wedding.... was she having a laugh? Alright, fair enough wearing the same Primark top a couple of times but outfit repeating from two big occasions?? Mum, obviously not realising the horrors of outfit repeating then proceeded to suggest that I wear the formal dress to another formal two years later. All I could do was look at her in disgust and wonder where she came from. Fast forward four years and that black lace formal dress that seen the light of day once was my saviour. Having worn that dress to such a big occasion (maybe a big occasion to an 18 year old self, not so much now) I was certain I would never have it on me again. Then came the DANI Awards. I got a phone call seven hours before the awards and was told to be there. In set the panic and all of my outfit repeating fears diminished when I saw the saviour of the day in the form of a black lace formal dress.

Now I'm not saying that moment was my epiphany in regards to outfit repeating but it did make me stop and wonder "who the hell cares?"

I went on the hunt a few weeks ago for an outfit purely to wear that night and left with this Topshop polka dot dress. Since that night, I'd say it has roughly been worn around 50 times and I'll probably continue to wear it another 50 times because heaven forbid I like how the dress looks after spending £40 on it????

I'm not the only one who has become a serial outfitter repeater, we've all seen Kate Middleton dipping back into the 'worn' pile before and when you have clothes that look so good on you, why the bloody hell not? I'm starting to love what I'm choosing to buy too much to let them only be a one hit wonder.

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