Can fashion bloggers care about more than just fashion?

Monday, September 18, 2017

The second NI Blogger Brunch took place in the Gallery and it's fair to say was predominately overrun by fashion bloggers. You could tell this from a mile off with the style that dominated the room and the amount of phones that were out trying to get that 'insta worthy shot'. A shot to fit into the Instagram feeds used mainly to showcase 'ootd', the newest beauty products that have been tried, social events.... the list goes on. A question that I'm confident has been asked many times and will no doubt continue to be asked is - Can fashion bloggers care about more than just fashion? My answer always has and always will be yes. That was apparent at brunch.

The topic of mental health arose on the day more than once and not quickly or in a mumble as the 'taboo' topic that some may deem it but confidently. In fact, "I have mental health issues" was said just as confidently as "my jacket is from H&M". I have no idea what a 'blogger brunch' may look like from the outside. Perhaps a group all chirping in harmony about where their outfits are from, when the next glam blog event is or how many followers everyone has. I would be lying if I didn't admit to some of that going on but that wasn't the sole purpose of the day. The sole purpose lay in bringing together a group of like minded people and seeing what went on behind the Instagram feeds.

We all scroll through the 'perfect' feeds everyday but the brunch, organised by girl boss Cathy Martin, gave the opportunity for everybody to meet away from the perfect Instagram feed and discuss the person behind them. Some use their feed and blog to show the parts of their lives overrun by mental health and some do not. The biggest thing I took away from the brunch is that people choose what they post. We may scroll through the 'perfect feeds' in envy but nobody has any idea about what goes on behind them.

It wouldn't be a bloggers brunch without outfits pictures and a chorus of "I love your outfit" but it was so much more than that and I think that is slowly but surely starting to show through the feeds and blogs.

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