One stop shop for dinner and a dress from George at Asda

Thursday, October 19, 2017

When I told my sister I was writing a post on George at Asda her response was "You told me not to buy clothes in any shop that has a trolley." Whoooooops.

But it's no secret that Asda is prone to throwing out a winner and not just from the chocolate or wine section... but from their clothing.

"Where's that gorgeous coat from?"
"Asda. £30."

You know the type...

At the recent Belfast Fashion Week launch when the models stormed the catwalk dressed in George at Asda my idea of never buying clothes from somewhere with a trolley slowly started to fade. Asda is not somewhere I would have ever thought about scoping for a fashion find but after seeing the Autumn/Winter collection previewed at BFW that's all changed.

I don't know what's better about the Autumn/Winter pieces from George at Asda. The styles, the prices or the fact that you can actually get these pieces during the weekly shop. Winner winner chicken dinner and a new coat? Am I right?

Not only have the styles been a shock but they're also bang on trend and include the odd designer dupe..

Check mate:

Check coat: £25


Pink shearling jacket: £35

Grey shearling jacket: £35

Very berry:

Plum coat: £25

Suede coat: £30

Plum shearling jacket: £35

Burgundy culottes: £14

Red alert:

An £18 dupe for the £1,295 Roksanda designer dress

Red coat: £30

Red boots: £20

Novelty bag: £12

Everything in between:

Embellished dress: £30
My favourite piece after spying it at Belfast Fashion Week

Blue coat: £30

Mustard coat: £35

Ruffle Blouse: £14

The last of the Belfast Fashion Week tickets can be bought from here:
The George at Asda collection can be found here:

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