Turning 23 with Cari's Closet

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

We've all been there girls. We could literally recite every dress that's on the websites of ASOS, Missguided, Boohoo, yada yada yada the list goes on. 2,000 odd dresses on each site and you can't find anything. It's always the way.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I could look through and drop 50 dresses in my basket in 5 seconds but when you have a birthday or graduation coming up, sometimes they don't cut it. Don't even get me started on shopping for a formal dress either....

When I was asked to collaborate with Cari's Closet an hour later I had an album of screenshots of their dresses and the biggest decision of my life - what one will I pick?
I didn't have an occasion in my head for any of the dresses but when it arrived (in a box with tissue paper..no dress in clear plastic packaging for Cari's Closet) I set it aside and knew it would be my birthday dress for my Dublin trip. If you're anything like me it's not just a birthday but a birthweek and what you wear will either make or break your happiness for the night. Who would go Rob Kardashian when they can go Kimmy K?
The excitement of opening the Cari's Closet dress while getting ready on my birthday definitely made my night - €11 shoes from penneys that destroyed my feet and a Dublin restaurant that took our booking when the restaurant wasn't actually opened.. We'll not talk about you..

Majority of the time with going out dresses I drape myself in all things sparkly and like to add to the outfit, however, this time I didn't feel I had to. I stuck with earring to literally just add the finishing touch to the dress.

I know the question I always want to know about sites when I'm getting something from there for the first time is what's the sizing like? It's always the panic and for some reason I thought Cari's Closet might be small fighting. I went up a size and opted to get the dress in a size 10 - which still fit really well but sticking with a size 8 would have gave a tighter fit. A birthday meal and drinks made me glad I opted for the 10 though..

This dress, like anything from Cari's Closet, was not made to only be worn once and I already cannot wait to get it out again for all the Christmas and New Years nights out. Because a dress this pretty wasn't made to hang in the wardrobe....

Not only is Cari's Closet filled with every option you would ever need for a special occasion but it always has amazing everyday pieces - which my wardrobe is dying for.. Everybody wants something a bit more special in their wardrobe and the Irish site always delivers. From the experience on the site, to how the dress arrives and to how you feel wearing a piece from Cari's Closet - it will keep you wanting to go back for more to always have that special feeling you get when dressed in Cari's Closet.

The link to my Cari's Closet dress can be found here.

A link to the full site can be found here.

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