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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I'm dresses over jeans every single time and everybody that knows me knows that. Recently I've been dipping my toes into the world of trousers but I always come crawling back to dresses.
Because a dress is literally a whole outfit. Seriously, you put one dress on and that's that, you are dressed and ready for the day. Well.. pretty much.

When I got the email from Pretty Little Thing asking to collaborate three things happened.
1) I genuinely thought it was a joke
2) I nearly fell off my chair
3) I sent a text to mum saying "MUM I'VE MADE IT". Of course she had no idea what I was talking about.. Oh and a 4th thing.. I became one of those annoying bloggers who kept posting everywhere that I would be working with the most amazing company. Sorry..but I was.
18 year old me would have been absolutely in her element on the site for hours and heading straight for the dressiest and most bodycon dresses I could hunt out for going out. Obviously not just going out though, going out out. 23 year old me was still absolutely in my element on the site for hours only this time I didn't head straight for the bodycons. Instead I hunted out dresses that could be worn out and out out because I'm unashamedly all about an outfit repeat these days.

The choice

Red ruffle

I honestly wasn't sure about this dress when I first seen it on the site but I'm so glad I picked it. It's literally everything perfect for this time of the year - especially Christmas. Ruffles, frills, a bow and red. What more would you want in a Winter dress? Dressed up with gold statement earrings and black court shoes is how I dressed this for a night out. This isn't just a one hit wonder dress in my wardrobe though, I know I'll get so much wear out of it in the winter months with tights, boots and a coat over it.

Dress can be found here.


The sleeves were the first thing that caught my eye on this dress and my wardrobe has been seriously lacking a fab LBD. Nearly all the dresses I picked could be worn on nights out and during the day but this is one dress you couldn't throw on tights and go to Sunday lunch at your boyfriends house. I'll keep this for going out out.. but how perfect is this for Christmas and New Years nights out?

Dress can be found here.

Florals for Winter

We're all well aware of florals for Spring but I loved the look and style of this dress too much not to include florals into my winter wardrobe too. This dress will work so well the whole year and I can already see that I'm going to get way too much wear out of it.

Dress can be found here.

T-shirt Dress

I have been looking for the perfect t-shirt dress for months. I loved this one because it could so easily be dressed down during the day and just as easily dressed up for going out. Obviously a t-shirt dress with a good slogan is a massive winner as well.

Dress can be found here.

The sizes
I always find the main questions about Pretty Little Thing are about their sizes. I'm between an 8 and a 10 at the minute so never know what's going to fit where. I opted for an 8 in all of the dresses and found them to be perfect. The LBD was the one I was most worried about in sizing and was surprised when it came and it actually fit. If you're between sizes I probably would recommend going up in the more tight fitting bodycon style dresses.

Pretty Little Thing will always be a go to site of mine - it literally sells EVERYTHING and I've always found the quality and prices to be a winner. Who wouldn't want pink unicorn covered parcels arriving at their house all the time??
I'll have more posts coming to the blog soon with all my favourite picks from Pretty Little Thing in more sections than just the dresses so look out for those.

All the dresses can be found here.
The full site can be found here.

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  1. Well done lovely �� What a fabulous accomplishment plus your looking bloody amazing as always ��


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