The trends coming with me into 2018 S/S

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I had just about faced up to the beginning of 2018 and it felt like suddenly I had to face up to Spring/Summer feeling closer than it was. Until recently I've been shutting my ears at any mention of S/S, feeling I haven't done my winter wardrobe enough justice. Partly my fault though on account of not actually having anywhere to go. When I have gone anywhere, I'm 90% sure I've went wearing a continual cycle of the same items.

First came the email about the Belfast Fashion Week Spring/Summer press launch happening this week, then came my wardrobe. On Saturday night in full PJS with Friends on Netflix (like I said, I literally don't have anywhere to go..) I must have tried 50 times to shove whatever clothes were lying about into my wardrobe and I knew it was time to face up to the new season coming. I say face up to it because it was quite literally right in front of my face. My wardrobe couldn't physically take anymore clothes and a premature Spring clean quickly made its way to the top of my to do list.

Some pieces I have no choice but to put away yet again, until Winter rolls back round next year but for some pieces, I know I'll not be able to leave them behind.


The number one trend I'm taking with me and I don't care what the season is. There were two dominant hat trends over Winter. The baker boy and the beret. One I loath and one I loved. It's not hard to tell which one evoked what reaction. I've already eyed up what ones to add to my basket when January pay day rolls into my account.


In the words of my three year old nephew and quite clearly budding fashionista "You've got sparkles all over your jumper, lets put your hair back so we can see them all." Jumpers, jeans, berets, coats, whatever it is with pearls on it I want to take it with me. A three year old complimenting my 'sparkles' is exactly what I want next season.


A dominant trend throughout Autumn/Winter as always and set to be a dominant trend throughout Spring/Summer. My checks through this season have come in the form of Winter coats so I'll be opting for a more Spring oriented style of checks in the form of skirts, trousers and jackets.

Sock boots

Sock boots were huge throughout Autumn/Winter and truth be told, I hated them at the start. Genuinely couldn't bring myself to look at them. Curiosity got the better of me though and during black Friday ordered this pair from Truffle. I haven't looked back since and know they're going to be my preferred boot option throughout Spring, favouring them over the chunkier style Winter boot.

As always, I cant wait to see what the press launch of Belfast Fashion Week will show and already have an inkling of what it may include. I'll be back with a post in a few days covering all the new trends to add to the ever expanding wardrobes but for now, I'm using what I've got.

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