Keris Weir balayage and hair care maintenance

Thursday, July 19, 2018

This isn't a post raving about cracking eggs on my head and lathering them in or some other home brewed kitchen concoction for your hair. It's the absolute basics of how I'm trying to maintain my hair whilst travelling in the heat and lack of luxury conditions. It's very similar to how I treated my hair at home only I've just slightly upped it which I'm sure you can agree can be severely needed while away.

I have naturally blonde hair, so luckily I don't need to do a great deal in order to manage the colour. Despite mum telling me over and over again that the sun would lighten my hair I had been holding out for too long to even think about and was dying to tidy it up before going away. After all, God knows how long it was going to be before I got it done again, I'm trying not to let myself think of the Australian hairdresser prices..
I left my hair in the hands of Lurgan based hairdresser and winner of E4s great British hairdresser Keris Weir. After telling Keris my fears of not knowing when the next time I'll be able to get my hair done we decided against the usual highlights and opted for a balayage instead, something I've been hearing so much about but truth be told never knew exactly what it was. With highlights I always found I got a harsh regrowth whereas the aim of balayage is to give the impression that the hair has been naturally lightened in the sun with a much softer and less noticeable regrowth.

Before going away I thought 'what a dream', giving my hair a break from heat and having endless beachy waves, my hair was about to be in the best condition. Instead, I was faced with South East Asia water, horrifically cheap shampoo staring back at me in the bathroom (or none sometimes) and the urge to keep my hair in the tightest top knot away from my face. During the trip I've found a few ways to maintain my hair condition.

Don't over wash or over heat.
It can be tempting to feel the need to wash your hair a lot more while away and sometimes it needs it, sometimes it doesn't. Majority of the time it probably doesn't.
I left the straighteners at home but love to see a tiny travel hairdryer wrapped up in the corner when we get a new room, which isn't always. As much as I'm dying to straighten my hair it's a welcomed change to give my hair a bit of a break, after all it's getting enough heat while I'm out. Instead, it's French plaits overnight and embracing the waves during the day.

Leave the bobbles on your wrist for a while.
As tempting as it is to scrape your hair back at all times, we all know it's not the best option and can leave a lot of breakage in the hair. So give your hair a break and leave it down when you can, obviously with the back up bobble kept on the wrist..

Bring your own products.
It may be extra weight but this has probably been the best thing I've done. Keris kindly gifted me products from her LaLa Tribe range and I would be lost without them. Before leaving I was also gifted products from Schwarzkopf which included their Colour expert treatment. This is 100% the best thing I have ever used on my hair and as fickle as I may sound, I would be completely lost without it. No matter what my hair has went through it leaves it feeling incredibly soft and much easier to manage. I don't think I'll ever have enough words to express my feelings about this dream treatment or how it leaves my hair.

The routine.
At home I always tried to keep to washing my hair every two days and never more than that. I've tried to maintain the same hair wash routine whilst travelling. I stuck to using the Schwarzkopf treatment once a week at home but while I've been away I've felt the need to up this and use it twice a week due to the water and heat leaving my hair feeling a lot more dry.

It's been a few weeks since getting my hair done and I've noticed a significant change in the regrowth, with it looking a lot more natural. Mum being mum was right as always, the sun is keeping it light and giving me hope I'll be able to keep getting away with not getting it done for a while. I'm just dreading the day my products run out but for now I'm not letting myself think about it...

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