Keeping up with the trends in South East Asia

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Straw bag, basket bag or beach bag whatever you decide to call it, there's no denying this is the trend that keeps returning with the sun. The bags that have typically been associated with boho picnic dates at the beach are now looking far from out of place at date nights in the city. Whether it be a long weekend in Rome looking for pizza and love or a two week sandy vaccay in Santorini the straw bag was a must for the carry on case. Now? Well now it's fitting in just about anywhere, including all those slightly above average temperature days at home we all long for.

The streets in South East Asia are literally lined top to bottom with every shape, size and texture imaginable of the bag which is where I picked up mine. Needless to say, if you aren't trekking the streets of South East Asia and if there's not a beach in sight, there is still every possibility of carrying off this sunshine trend.

The vaccay

I was going to write about how floaty dresses, barely there sandles and the dangliest earrings from the jewellery box were the perfect compliment for this trend whilst on holiday. Realistically though, this bag is pretty much the only one I have with me on this trip so it's worn with everything I have packed. Luckily it pairs well with everything. The partnership between straw bag and summer dresses is like peanut butter and jelly, winter and Primark fluffy socks and face masks and Sundays. It just works.

Keeping is casual

We get it. There's some days the circles under our eyes are darker and our feet are crying out for the comfiest trainers we own. These days call for blue denim, whiter that white tops and white trainers. Bring in the straw bag and it doesn't look an inch out of place. Bonus points for looking like we put more effort than we did into this look.

Date night

Ever get when you don't want to haul around your day time handbag for dinner and drinks but all your clutches are too small? Cramming your purse into it while your other halves shouting at you to hurry up (you've only taken 3 hours tonight what's he shouting about??) you're left cursing the date night bag. Bring in the straw bag. The perfect combination of not too big and not too small, team it with a print dress and a low heel and you're ready to go.

Some of my favourites that can be bought at home, most of which are in the sale.

£19.99 Zara. Can be bought here

£12 Pretty Little Thing. Can be bought here

£10 Topshop. Can be bought here

£25 Asos. Can be bought here

£21 Asos. Can be bought here

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