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Sunday, September 23, 2018

It's no secret that for the last year or so George at Asda have not only been delivering the weekly shop but the latest trends. I once had a friend tell me she would always linger around the clothes section in Asda peeking in but unsure if it was acceptable to have a proper look round and find a winner for the wardrobe. My response? Dive head in first and if you forget to buy the dinner for Monday night but grabbed yourself something new for the wardrobe then at least you'll look on trend when you nip out to get the takeaway instead.

I first noticed how right George at Asda were getting it at a previous Belfast Fashion Week. Even though I'm out of Belfast now and missed the last BFW launch, I still found myself looking up George at Asda online to see what they had in for the upcoming season. Not only was I surprised but I was shocked at how they're getting better season after season.

I noticed George at Asda have three definitive trends across their site for Autumn/Winter; florals, spots and stripes and checks. I've rounded up some of my favourites from each trend, with so much more to see on their site.

Winter Florals:

We all know about florals for Spring but I find florals the perfect print to transition from Summer to Autumn. Tights and a pair of heeled boots are the perfect wardrobe essential to accompany florals into Autumn.

Blouse: £10

Dress: £16

Dress: £16

Skirt: £12.50

Spots and stripes:

Spots and stripes are everywhere at the minute and George at Asda have nailed the trend by keeping it so simple.

Dress: £18

Top: £14

Culottes: £14

Dress: £18

Trousers: £12.50

Culottes: £12.50


Heritage will never go out of style. It returns year after year and I think it's one of George at Asdas strongest trends this season. The pieces I've shared here are also perfect for staying on trend in the work place without spending too much.

Trousers: £14

Dress: £16

Trousers: £12.50

Skirt: £14

Trousers: £14

Coat: £25


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