The beauty products I can't live without

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

After that horrific first stare into my new backpack for Asia, I had to accept the hard fact of life that I couldn't carry everything but the kitchen sink with me while I was away. Not that I necessarily wanted to haul the kitchen sink around with me, just my full bag of makeup/beauty products. I thought there would have been a lot more products I would have deemed the 'essentials'. Things I thought I wouldn't be able to leave behind but when it came to it, I realised I could skip them and still live.

Whittling down my beauty products to pack really let me see the best of the bunch (in my opinion) and the ones I would be lost without. Yes, I'm aware I wouldn't keel over and die without these products but these are the products that keep me feeling like me. Even now that I'm settled and not travelling, these products still remain the ones I feel I 'need' to keep stocked up on for everyday life and the ones I will purchase over and over again.

Eylure eyebrow tint: 
I got this product specifically for going after hearing about it from a friend and now I don't know what I did without it. After spending years growing my eyebrows out I wasn't prepared to trust someone new with them and ashamedly still haven't. This tint means I rarely have to fill them in now. Anybody else get their eyebrows done and find the tint wears quite quickly? This is perfect for keeping them tinted in between appointments and it's so easy to use.

Collection lash surge mascara/eyelash curler:
Majority of the days I was travelling I went without makeup bar mascara. Is it only me that looks like I have no eyes without mascara? I will be forever grateful for the day I discovered Collection lash surge mascara, it's ridiculously cheap at £4.99 which made me highly doubt that it would be good but how wrong was I. Absolute game changer.

Schwarzkopf colour expert treatment:
I've mentioned this product before but I had to mention it again. I only use this once a week but it makes such a difference to my hair for the whole week.

L'Oreal face mask:
Is there anything better than doing a face mask and feeling like you're sorting your life out? Yep, I absolutely brought face masks travelling with me. I've been doing them 1-2 times for a long time and will continue to do so, no matter where I am. Once you find a face mask that works well for your skin, I think keeping them up consistently will make such a difference.

If I could only use one skin care product daily it would be moisturiser. I always go for the 200ml of the Garnier one and find it lasts me months.

LMD/BPerfect palette:
This is the only palette I brought away with me and I honestly couldn't think of a more perfect palette. It had everything I needed and meant I didn't have to pack bronzer, highlight or blush.


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