Transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn

Sunday, October 07, 2018

When October hits does anybody else feel like all they want is a full Autumn wardrobe, hot chocolate and to get the fire lit every night? It can still be in that awkward indecisive stage though, the summer weather is long gone but it's still not quite harsh Winter conditions. Sitting in Australia right now I should be planning all the floral looks for Spring and working on my bikini body but I can't seem to wrap my head around missing Autumn/Winter. I like summer dressing and florals are my absolute go to but I don't love it. I would take boots, coats and layers any day. I always feel like you can do so much more with an Autumn wardrobe and have more fun with the looks. 

I always love transitioning my wardrobe from Summer to Autumn. I find it doesn't take much and can be done easier than you think, meaning you can take a lot of your summer wardrobe into Autumn with you and there's no need to feel like you need a new wardrobe. I've put together my five essentials and simplest ways to complete the wardrobe transition. 

Tights -
Tights are my first and easiest essential to transition into Autumn and may seem like an obvious one. So many of my dresses are worn throughout Summer and come straight into October with me. I always go for denier 15 tights from Primark, especially when the temperature is just beginning to drop. Just prepare to be stocked up as I always find these tear the easiest and I always buy a size or two bigger. I always find having tan on underneath such a low denier can make them look so much better.

Boots -
Probably the most obvious one but I had to include it. Paired with jeans or your favourite floral Summer dress and tights, boots will instantly turn a lot of your summer pieces into a more Autumnal look. Boots might just be my favourite thing about Autumn/Winter and if you missed my post on all the best boots of the season you can catch up here.

Turtlenecks/Polo necks -
These have always just screamed Autumn to me and I find them the handiest tops to have in your wardrobe. I find them so useful for layering underneath dresses to stop them from looking too summery and even worn with jeans they will carry you into A/W. I always pick mine up from New Look.

These are the ones that I always pick up from New Look for £9.99 and I've always find them such good quality. Can be found here.

Midi -
Midi dresses are perfect for making the transition from Summer to Autumn. The midi length style will work equally well throughout both Summer and Autumn, all it can take is a pair of boots and a leather jacket on top to make the style more season appropriate. These midi dresses from my post on George at Asda are the perfect examples and if you missed it, you can catch up here.

Coats - 
Last but not least is coats, I obviously couldn't leave this one out. It's not time just yet to bring out the faux fur so I find duster coats and trench coats perfect. There's something about a good quality trench coat that just makes me think of all things Autumn. Making it the perfect staple for carrying your summer wardrobe into Autumn.


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