Christmas Gift Guide

Sunday, December 02, 2018

How is it December already? It's definitely been a weird one for me so far seeing Christmas trees and decorations up with the sun blaring down on them and rather than seeing coats and boots it's all summer dresses and sandals. Never the less, Christmas is on it's way, even if it is a slightly bizarre and unfamiliar way for me this year, and Christmas shopping needs to be thought about.

Not only can it be difficult to think of what to buy people but it can also be hard to think of what you would like to receive for Christmas. So I've put together my first Christmas gift guide of the season, featuring the more expensive gift ideas. Don't worry though I do have a gift guide on it's way filled with lots of ideas under £30 so look out for that.

Colin got me a new Fitbit for my birthday recently and I absolutely love it. It's definitely an expensive gift but I think its one of those things that you may not want to spend the money on it for yourself but would love to receive it. Especially for a boost of motivation once January comes around.

Fitbit Versa - ASOS £200. Also available from, Argos and currys and there are plenty of cheaper options out there.

Christmas is definitely a perfect time for a good bag, to both give and receive. House of Fraser is a good place to look and there's also the GUESS outlet which is opening in Banbridge at the Boulevard on Friday 14th September. Not forgetting the fab local company Zohara, who have a range of amazing bags that would make a great gift for mum.

DKNY Bag - House of Fraser £192. Buy it here.

DKNY Bag - House of Fraser £133. Buy it here.

GUESS Bag - House of Fraser £55. Buy it here.

Kurt Geiger Bag - House of Fraser £127.20. Buy it here.

Kate Spade Bag - House of Fraser £227. Buy it here.

Zohara £145 - Buy it here.

Does anybody else refuse to buy themselves a purse because it's meant to be bad luck? I love getting a new purse for Christmas and it's such a handy gift to buy for someone, especially because they come in such a range of prices.

Carvela purse - House of Fraser £31.20. Buy it here.

Again, I love receiving a new watch. A lot of people I know would definitely rather receive a watch as a gift than buy one for themselves and I love the range of Olivia Burton ones in Argento this year.

Olivia Burton watch - Argento £61.50. Buy it here.

Olivia Burton watch - Argento £82. Buy it here.

Silk robe/Dressing gown:
We all love a Primark dressing gown but Colin got me a Marks and Spencer one a few years back and it was a game changer. It just feels that bit more luxurious, same goes for the silk robes too for something a bit different.

Dressing Gown - Marks and Spencer £40. Buy it here.

Dressing gown - Marks and Spencer £35. Buy it here.

Some people may find jewellery difficult to pick for someone but I know I love receiving a surprise piece. Argento have so many great pieces to pick from, which should definitely make it a bit easier!

Necklace - Argento £45. Buy it here.

Necklace - Argento £40. Buy it here.

Necklace - Argento £45. Buy it here.

Happy Christmas Shopping and don't forget to look out for my gift guide filled with ideas under £30.


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