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Sunday, May 26, 2019

I was looking back on my blog and reading my post on transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn and all I can say is what was I thinking???

"I like summer dressing and florals are my absolute go to but I don't love it. I would take boots, coats and layers any day."


I must have been drunk, delusional or struggling to adapt to Australia life and weather when I wrote that. What was I possibly thinking to favour Winter dressing over Summer? Dresses, florals and summer shoes are everything I want in life. Sitting in Melbourne with the weather drastically dropping I spend all day dreaming of summer outfits and holiday wardrobes. All while trying to navigate my should be fashionable life with ONE winter coat and a wardrobe filled with sunshine staples.

It's at this time of the year that dressing for the weather can become the hardest. Monday you're tempted to dive into the week with bare legs and Tuesday you're running home from work to find your hot water bottle. No matter how many clothes you have it can be a struggle to work out what to put together at times, especially on those days you know you will be shivering at 9am and sweating by 2pm. To try and make life easier I've put together my best tips to try and make the transition into Spring/Summer easier.


Denim is an obvious one and opting for a lighter wash denim as opposed to a dark winter denim can be the easiest way to make your wardrobe more Spring/Summer. Light wash denim jeans, shirts and dresses are all such a basic staple that can be added in to your wardrobe and can all be kept simple or dressed up just as easily. Some may judge but I personally love denim on denim for Spring.

Both New Look.

Boiler suits:

Following on after denim, boiler suits are such a massive trend for Spring/Summer, especially denim ones. The good thing about these, apart from the obvious point that it's such an easy full outfit in one, is the fact that you can get them in the perfect material. Not too heavy and not too thin make them perfect for this time of the year. Warmer days they can be worn on their own and slightly colder days a light coat is all you would need over them.


Both Pretty Little Thing.

Light layers:

Does anyone else never worry about what they're wearing under their massive coat during winter because you know nobody will see it? All the focus is on the coat and none on what's under it. Well that can't happen now. Before, all you had to worry about was what the outfit looked like with the coat, know you need to remember to care about what it looks like under because it's certain the coat will come off. I've spied a few pastel coloured jackets and blazers online recently which would make the best options for lighter layering. Also, during winter the layering underneath dresses is all about the polo. With the weather at the minute if you're still not ready to brave bare arms in the office but want to ditch the polo, white shirts and pastel blouses are the better options.

New Look

Start to swap the boots:

Coming into Spring/Summer it's definitely all about the gradual transition from boots. I still absolutely love boots with the likes of midi dresses and some are just too good to put away too soon. Now is the perfect time to start introducing mules and block heels and are the easiest way, in my opinion, to make an outfit go from Winter to Spring/Summer. It may be a bit of wishful thinking to go for open toe everyday just yet, a pointed block heel is such a handy option to have in your wardrobe now.


Marks & Spencers

Good luck transitioning the wardrobe and I'll have a few full Spring/Summer outfit options across my social media soon to give a bit more inspo for the transition so look out for them!


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