Three looks with Femme Luxe Finery

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Last week I was contacted by Femme Luxe Finery and asked to collaborate with them on a blog post. It's a brand I've heard of before and seen on Instagram but I've never ordered from it or searched the website as a possibility. I took a look on their website at the style of clothes and read reviews on their quality to decide if it was somewhere I would consider trying. I don't like the idea of saying yes to every collaboration that comes my way if it's not something I would feel comfortable with writing about or posting pictures with. I went for 3 different looks from Femme Luxe to try and get a good idea of their pieces and suss out their sizing and fit.

There's a few main points I would usually worry about when ordering from a new site and sizing and fit take the number one worry spot.
If we're honest it's the thing we all dread when ordering from somewhere new and I was no different. From reading reviews I learnt the sizing can be quite small so I wasn't sure if these pictures were going to be of any of the pieces fitting more than one leg. Luckily when they arrived they fit over more than one leg but I definitely did notice the pieces I ordered were smaller fitting so it's something to be cautious of if you are ordering. I'll go into what sizes I ordered when I go through each piece.
Then of course we all worry about quality and delivery with a new site. I found no issues at all with the quality of the items and delivery taking no more than a few days.

Self care Sunday:

You're only lying to yourself if you say you don't love a self care Sunday. Sunday nights are all about fresh bed sheets on and new Primark PJ'S but when the self care is ongoing all day, you need something comfortable to go with it. Femme Luxe are big into their lounge wear and I am here for it, especially coming into Autumn/Winter. It's one thing I don't own a lot of and I never really know where to shop for it. I ordered the S/M (8/10) in this and it does fit but if I were to order any of the lounge wear again I would go up a size to have a bigger cosier fit for all the Autumn self care that's about to come my way.

Shop lounge wear sets - Femme Luxe Finery Lounge Wear

Jeans & a nice top:

Femme Luxe had a good range of body suits and I find them really handy pieces to have in the wardrobe because when do jeans and a nice top ever fail you? I ordered the M (8/10) in this and found the sizing to be fine. If I were to order body suits again I would order in this size.

Shop Bodysuits - Femme Luxe Finery Bodysuits

Christmas night out:

Is it too early to mention Christmas? I can't help it around this time of the year, anything that sparkles at me I immediately want it for a Christmas night out. I always go for a size 10 in tighter fitting dresses like this and again I found the fit to be OK, if anything a bit short but that would be no issues for more petite girls.

Shop dresses - Femme Luxe Finery Dresses

Femme Luxe Finery is somewhere I would definitely go back for lounge wear and dressier bodysuit options and dresses coming into my birthday month and then Christmas. I'm glad I tried the site and I hope this helped with any size, quality and style worries you had.


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